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Lords of War – Orcs versus Dwarves 2 – Magic and Monsters Expansion

by Mike Bon April 15, 2015
WDR Silver
The Lords of War series has long been a pleasure of mine since it first charged screaming onto the battling card scene back in the crisp winter of 2012.  With its straight forward and easy to teach rule set and spiffy artwork from Steve Cox it was an instant family favorite with myself and Ollie […]

Lords of War: Templars Vs Undead

by Mike Bon November 6, 2013
Earlier in the year we reviewed the brilliant Lords Of War Orcs Vs Dwarves a deceptively simple little card game that had some meaty strategic chops to it. Published by Black Box Games a UK company they really hit it out of the park and followed up with Elves V’s Lizardmen. These are cracking games, inexpensive […]