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Millennium Blades

by Mike Bon July 12, 2016
WDR Essential
Millennium Blades, when described, sounds like a game about to perform the most extravagant Shark Jumping ever. It’s a card game that seeks to simulate the length and breadth of Trading Card Games (henceforth referred to as TCG) ala Magic The Gathering complete with the buying of boosters building of decks and the tournament scene […]

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

by Mike Bon August 5, 2015
WDR Essential
The duelling card game arena is sodden with choices. There is the behemoth Magic system with its thousands of cards and ferocious tournament play, an intimidating prospect for new players. Netrunner has its riveting asynchronous matches marred by a ridiculously steep learning curve enough to send a casual observer into spasms and investing into it […]

King Of Tokyo

by Mike Bon July 2, 2014
WDR Silver
This game is so much fun! If you love the old Godzilla movies or ever played Rampage at the arcades then this is for you. The game is simplicity you play a monster and you have to either kill all your opponents or get 20 victory points. How you achieve this is by rolling dice. […]