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Who Dares Rolls Express 02 – Gen Can’t & Apps in board games

by Mike Bon July 31, 2015
Hello and welcome to our second Express episode. This was birthed mewling like an unwanted three-legged puppy from our recent Episode 24 recording, that ran on a bit and we had an enlightening argument regarding the use of Apps in board games. So I have surgically removed that segment and present it here for your listening […]

Who Dares News July 28th.

by Mike Bon July 28, 2015
Whoa, so its been like a while since the last news update which is more to do with my Dude like slovenliness than any particular news related drought. So to make up for that here’s a substantial downfall of news bits to moisten your parched areas. Board game cafes. So there are none and then […]