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The Best Dogs in Board Games

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon November 7, 2018
Dogs are great and personally I miss having a dog, so to celebrate the existence of dogs everywhere, I’ve decided to make a list in no particular order, of the best dogs I’ve encountered in board games. The usual disclaimers apply; this is my list, it only covers games I’ve played where there are dogs […]

Side Quest

by Mike Bon November 2, 2015
The dungeon crawling card game genre has proved popular of late the excellent Welcome to the Dungeon and riotous Cutthroat Caverns both spring to mind. They’ve proved hugely successful by each having a great hook. Welcome is a silly push your luck filler whereas Cutthroat is all about screwage of your fellow dungeon companions. These […]


by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon May 11, 2015
I’ve had a long relationship with Dungeons and Dragons and one which has led me to some odd places. I’ve had some great times with D&D, but it and I have also split up a bunch of times, I like to feel with good reason but that’s always the way in a breakup. Here’s a […]

Star Wars Imperial Assault

by Mike Bon March 5, 2015
WDR Gold Essential
Dum, de duh doo, dah doo dada dee da! Ah yes even now when I hear those masterful notes from John Williams epic Star Wars scores I get all a quiver. Its a vast universe ripe with possibility and adventure which disappointingly many of the board and card games licensed from the films have been […]