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Tabletop ID coming to the UK Games EXPO

by on May 24, 2019

Tabletop ID are unveiling their NFC embedded paper technology at UK Games Expo this year. What you may very well ask is that? Well this video explains it better than I could.

You didn’t watch the video did you. OK well it’s essentially a small chip embedded in a poster that participating companies will have on their booths. When visiting you can tap your phone running the Tabletop ID app on said poster for a chance to win a prize.

The hope is that this demo will show how NFC technology could help the tabletop industry combat counterfeiting, provide supply chain analytics and order tracking. As well as all manner of marketing possibilities.

Already a bunch of publishers and industry movers and shakers are aboard for this interesting experiment with we’re sure more to follow.

Interested and want a chance to grab some free swag? Then follow the link to download the app when it goes live from HERE.

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