WDR Mumble Jumbo – May 10th – Heat & Dune Imperium Deluse Upgrade.

by Mike Bon May 10, 2023
Hey all, so we return to our regular schedule of meandering nonsense. In this episode We look at:  Heat: Pedal to the Metal. Days of Wonder’s new cash cow, is it as good as the hype?  Dig into the Dune Imperium deluxe upgrade and decide if it makes a darn bit of difference to playing […]

WTF Mythic – The latest on the 6Siege hostage situation

by Mike Bon May 6, 2023
Having seen the amount of traffic the last video has received and with the recent developments that have happened since I posted it, well it seems churlish not update on how things have evolved.   For transparency, I have no skin in this game financially. I’m just calling this as honestly as I can from […]

BG Mumbo Jumbo April 19th

by Mike Bon April 19, 2023
Big of a meaty one this episode as Mike gets plenty of games to the table.  The burger wars erupt in Foodchain Magnate in this fugly euro that’s got its claws into me.  Twilight Inscription just might be a keeper.  And finally, we venture back to the World of Warcraft as we explore Azeroth in […]

Board Game Mumbo Jumbo March 25th

by Mike Bon March 26, 2023
Following last week’s multiple pile-ups of an episode here’s hoping for fewer interruptions!   Played we look at Escape Plan again and some of the KS exclusive mini expansion bits. Frosthaven annoys Mike with a puzzle. And Tapestry gets even more fun with the new expansion.   There’s news of a Century big box. Some […]

Board Game Mumbo Jumbo Feb 25th

by Mike Bon February 25, 2023
In this bumper bonanza of mumbling gibberish Mike stages his own intervention in his ongoing videogame distractions.   A brief nugget of Frosthaven and some of the apps we use to make the game experience better and save about an hour of faffing.   Mike stages a getaway about as successful as that one in […]

WDR Birthday Mumble Jumbo – February 3rd

by Mike Bon February 3, 2023
It’s my birthday and I’ll game if I want to. A bit late but yes it was my birthday. In this episode… Played there’s some Frosthaven and a look at how some of the new gameplay additions add to what Gloomhaven did. Another look at Frostpunk and some thoughts on if it’s something that should […]

WDR Mumbo Jumbo January 19th

by Mike Bon January 19, 2023
Frosthaven is here!!  Yes, a mahoosive box of dungeon-delving goodies has turned up. In this episode, we delve into the Frosthaven box with a look at what you do get in this behemoth.   Played is Frostpunk and Dune Imperium and the immortality expansion!  Newsworthy nuggets including the recent dumpster fire over at D&D where […]

WDR Happy New Mumble Jumbo – January 8th

by Mike Bon January 8, 2023
Happy New Year to you all!  In this Rambling installment, Mike looks at some recent plays including the new Clank catacombs. Has a look at what he got for Christmas. And looks forward to this year and if anything might be getting him excited. And he covers the New years day TI4 game if you […]

A Merry Mumbo Jumbo

by Mike Bon December 24, 2022
Twas the night before Christmas and Mike was burning the midnight oil and lots of coffee to get this video mostly edited and uploaded. So enjoy ya filthy animals!   In this festive installment and before we go further don’t get too excited. All the usual nonsense.   Plus a look at all the games […]

Mumble Jumbo Dec 11th

by Mike Bon December 11, 2022
Hey, it’s another video, how very exciting!  We dig into some played games including: Imperial Settlers Everdell Big Box! Video Game Highschool  And all the usual bits including news of flagship models for TI4 from CMON the horror!   There’s some news and all the usual waffle you’ve come to expect.