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Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 37 – Seafall/Scythe and Hype in Boardgames

by on November 28, 2016

The boys return with a fresh new episode of the podcast. Following the “technical difficulties” following the last episode a sufficient amount of sellotape was attached to Mike’s microphone cord to avoid any further “technical difficulties”.

In this rambunctious wollop of entertainment:

We discuss what we’ve been playing including Eric Lang’s latest H.M.S. Dolores and Mike gets all excited about Adrenaline.

Tony Boydell is mentioned at least 5 times (drinking game rules coming soon folks)

Stupidly there is a discussion involving Mike regarding the portrayal of women in fantasy games including Kingdom Death Monster and Conan.

And then we tackle the big topic Seafall and Scythe and hype in board games. Is it a good thing and how much is too much.

And then we have the shortest ever episode of Fighting Fantasy! (Ben was hangry)


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