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A big Portal unboxing

by Mike Bon March 30, 2019
Here’s something new. We did an unboxing! And in true Who Dares Rolls style we mucked it up and probably gave away lots of spoilers. However if that doesn’t bother you then come join us for a peek of what can be found in the new Detective expansion LA Crimes and the new Robinson Crusoe […]

Who Dares Rolls Podcast 51 – Where is my Mind?

by Mike Bon August 10, 2018
It’s time again for another enthralling podcast episode of Who Dares Rolls. In this astounding installment:The team discuss the barely remembered highs and lows of this years EXPO. Mike get’s all excited about Portal Games Detective A modern crime board game. Hot off it’s Gen Con showing mike discusses how he’s found the first couple […]