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Board Game Mumbo Jumbo Feb 25th

by on February 25, 2023

In this bumper bonanza of mumbling gibberish Mike stages his own intervention in his ongoing videogame distractions.  

A brief nugget of Frosthaven and some of the apps we use to make the game experience better and save about an hour of faffing.  

Mike stages a getaway about as successful as that one in Reservoir Dogs in a discussion on Vital Lacerda’s Escape Plan! And then wants to punch himself in the face after playing Rolling Realms. And following that the embarrassing confession that we’ve always been playing Century Spice Road incorrectly…always..  

And of course all the very latest board game news from around a fortnight ago.  And a sideways glance at other media consumed including some cracking 70’s exploitation suggestions.  Have at it!

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