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Publisher Spotlight on Armada Games

by on May 8, 2021

Join Charlie in Part 1 of his Publisher Highlight on Black Armada. Publishers of a small but perfectly formed assortment of RPG’s that you should take a look at. And here’s Charlie to tell you why.

Charlies original text review of Lovecraftesque

Charlie rounds up his spotlight on indie RPG publishers Black Armada with a focus on two more of their intriguing offerings.

Bite Marks – become part of the werewolf family and maybe drop off grumpy old uncle Bert at the airport.

Last Fleet – Get your BSG kicks in this tale of the last remanents of a civilisation attempting to outrun a space fungus as it insinuates and assimilates your beleaguered crew.

Black Armada website

Black Armada Patreon 

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