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January Update & Stuff

by on January 22, 2014

Hi all, this is a bit of an update on whats happening over here at Who Dares towers. Been a bit subdued of late due to the day job or more specifically the joys of stocktaking a large building filled with thousands of toys. It’s dragged like a family board game night consisting solely of Monopoly and resulted in the same levels of stress, tiredness and loss of the will to live, but it is finally over. Relieved is an understatement if I had the energy I’d dance a jig, but currently all I can manage is a slightly subdued whoot!

So whats coming up.

I have a ton of stuff to get reviewed and even more to get to the table so I can review them.

In no particular order I have a Spartacus write up to finish, a bunch of expansions including the New Turks Nothing Personal deck and the Spartacus Add On, there is also the First of the eight, 8!!! Firefly expansions. Then more games including Machine of Death, 7 Wonders, Summoner Wars, Letters From Whitechapel and D-Day Dice to name but a few. It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks.

podcastCasting The Pod! Yep if that wasn’t enough I can finally concentrate on getting the podcast up and going something long gestating since last year. Expect to hear much sage advice, swearing and stupidity very soon.

I’m so excited for the year ahead, 2013 was a damn fine time for boardgamers with sales of the hobby increasing and more players joining the fold in droves. And already there are some fantastic titles lined up for release and i’m stoked for what other surprises 2014 has waiting in the wings.

And we are starting to get noticed we’re are on the rather spiffy BoardGameLinks.com  (a great resource for board gamer’s) and currently are floating around the 130ish mark out of 200 odd sites, so that’s alright then. If your are passing by be sure to give us a vote.


And finally International TableTop Day 2014 has been announced. Last years event was a pretty big success with 3,123 events taking place over 64 countries. So put a date in the diary Saturday April 5th. And go over and register an event if you are staging one, or find out if there is one locally. And play games, lots of games.


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