The Yay Games Review Omnibus

by Mike Bon May 24, 2019
WDR Silver
Mike takes a look at a Trilogy of Yay Games.  


by Mike Bon March 17, 2016
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Like Omar Sharif’s entrance in Lawrence of Arabia, Ominoes has slowly materialised on the horizon building a palpable sense of anticipation and fascination as it took as damn well long as it pleased getting here. And then the other day completely unannounced the bloody thing just dropped on my door mat, Whizzer! Ominoes is the […]

Frankenstein’s Bodies

by Mike Bon July 3, 2014
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I love Hammer movies don’t you? I grew up on the old Peter Cushing Frankenstein movies so when I was lucky enough to get get my hands on a preview copy of Frankenstein’s bodies I lunged at the chance. This looked to have everything ghoulish and horrid that I loved about those creaky old films, […]